Ford tripled production of the F-150 Lightning this year after it was discontinued

The company will also strongly increase production of the Maverick, Mustang Mach-E, and Bronco Sport, all of which are in high demand.


Ford said today that it is ramping up production of the high-demand model, with plans to triple the F-150 Lightning it makes this year.
After a hiatus due to battery problems that have now been resolved, production of the electric F-150 will resume on March 13.
Other popular Ford vehicles include the Bronco Sport SUV, the Maverick pickup, the Mustang Mach-E EV, and the Transit van.
It is not surprising that Ford wants to sell as many cars as possible this year, today, the company outlines its plans to improve the production of many of its high-end models.
Most notable is the F-150 Lightning, which Ford says is on track to build three times as many as last year.

The plan follows a power outage for several weeks due to battery problems.

Ford has resolved this issue and said that production will resume on March 13. With the assembly restarting, the company expects to start producing 150,000 Lightning every year at the end of this year. In 2022, Ford said it sold 15,617 of the electric F-150.
In fact, the Lightning is just one of many Ford models that are said to be highly desirable.
Others that will see production increases include the Bronco Sport compact SUV and the Maverick truck. To meet demand in North and South America, the company plans to increase production to more than 80,000 units in 2023.
Last year, we learned that Ford plans to increase production of the Mustang Mach-E by around 67%, from 78,000 units last year to 130,000 in 2023.
It is reported that this has already started, and today the company said that changes in production will help. wood. At nearly double the Mach-E’s output per hour.
Ford said it aims to produce an annual rate of 210,000 by the end of this year.
Although Ford also announced that it will add more workers in April at the Kansas City assembly plant where the Transit van and its electric vehicles are built, the company aims to increase the annual production of these by 38,000.
Although Ford has not announced specific plans to increase production of other popular models, the company said it is trying to find a way to build the F-150 hybrid, which is built at the Dearborn plant.
Michigan. Ford is preparing to introduce new or updated versions of the Escape, Mustang, Super Duty, and Ranger.

The latter will be built on the same assembly line as the full-size Bronco, and the release of the Ranger’s successor may be the reason Ford hasn’t announced it will boost production of the Bronco.

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