Ford has restarted production of the F-150 after fixing battery problems

Inspectors noticed a ‘potential battery issue’ and halted production of the electric pickup in February. In a statement today, Ford said production will resume on March 13.


Ford has halted production and delivery of the F-150 Lightning pickup truck, citing battery issues.
The car mechanic is investigating what may have happened to the battery, although he said there were no accidents or injuries associated with his customer.

There is no timeline for resuming production of the popular electric car, Ford said Tuesday.

Update 02/03/23: In a statement today, Ford announced that it will resume production of the superlight F-150 Lightning pickup on March 13th.

Another 11 days, he said, is to give time for battery cells from [supplier] SK On to be put into batteries and battery packs and delivered to the supply chain.

The spokesperson continued, “In the coming weeks, we will continue to apply our knowledge and work with the team at SK On to ensure that we -continue to deliver high-quality batteries, from battery cells.

As REVC increases production. , we will continue to maintain vehicles that have already been produced while we work on engineering and component updates .” Asked by C/D about the nature of the problem with the original battery, Ford responded, “We are not providing further details at this time.”

Updated 2/15/23: Ford issued a new statement Wednesday afternoon indicating that it has identified the problem with the F-150 Lightning’s battery.

The automaker is now announcing that production at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center will be halted “at least until the end of next week”, which is Feb. 24 or later.

]”During pre-delivery quality control, the car showed a battery problem. We believe we have identified the root cause of this issue. At the end of next week, we plan to conclude our research and apply what we have learned to the truck battery production process; it may take a few weeks.

We will continue to maintain pre-production cars while we work on engineering and design updates.

“We are not aware of any incidents related to this issue in the field and do not believe that any F-150 Lightning currently in customer’s hands is affected by this issue,” a Ford statement said. However, the statement did not specify what the problem with the battery was.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup proved to be very popular in its first year of production, but customers who are already ready to get one may have to wait a little longer.

The automaker said today it discovered a potential problem with the electric vehicle’s battery and has halted production of trucks and shipments of those that have been built and not delivered to stores.

No date has been given for resuming production.

The Lightning is being built at Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, with production beginning in late April 2022. A Ford spokesperson told Car and Driver that the truck is under “Stop Build and In-Transit Stop Ship” and explained: \”As part of our quality check before delivery, the car has had a battery problem and we are holding the car while we check.

We don’t know any impact of this issue in the field.” The automaker announced earlier today that F-150 Lightning pickups already on sale will not be affected by the order.




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